Fast Track Speaking

Full day lunch included.

Many have said, “Coach Ricke I don’t really have the time or patience to join a speakers club. I simply wish to be able to speak about my business. I desire to be considered an expert in my field.” 

Over the years I realized I could address this problem with my decades of experience.

What if! What if you were able to deliver a 10-15 presentation to a service club, leads group or corporate event! Here’s what happens:

  • You’re introduced as an expert
  • You have a captive audience 
  • Being your business you are ready for questions
  • The customer of clients Come to You!
  • Watch your income climb

How this goes

  • Prepare a couple a few paragraphs for the seminar. After you have reserved your seat we will send you an set by set system that will have you step up and get your audience’s attention.
  • At the start you fill have a incredible surprise

How Do We Do It?

We help you get rid of your fear of public speaking 

  • 1. We help you to identify a series of beliefs
  • 2. We then help you get rid of those beliefs from childhood. 

  • 3. Next we help you discover how you might have been conditioned to feel fear when experiencing certain key situations around people.

  • 4. Finally, we take you through a process to help you break the connection between fear and these key situations. 

Once you've completed these four steps which takes 3 or 4 hours you will have eliminated your fear of public speaking for good. 

  • Steps
    • Gestures
    • Touch
    • Conversational
    • Stories
    • Humor - Note jokes
    • Vocal variety
    • Eye contact
    • Speed
    • Pause
    • Props
    • Confidence
    • Rehearse
    • Breathing
    • Environment 
    • Audience
    • Visualizing
    • Make mistakes
    • The paper/card secret

Could You Accomplish If The Fear Was Gone? 

People who couldn't express themselves in business are now being promoted and getting more responsibility, because they can speak clearly and decisively. 

Directly to Tim Ricke

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Please note that Ricke Media may not be able to honour booking requests made. In short, please don't wait to book your place as Tim, to insure your attention, limits seating to just a few.