Sensory Goals & Sales

Full day lunch included

"What I learned through my senses - made me millions!"

No one knows Tim’s secret discovery of how to apply Senses to goals and sales.

Tim was living in a studio apartment and sleeping on the floor. Within months

his VOA system began to change everything! 

  • He got the girl!
  • The business!
  • The sports car!
  • The dream house!
  • Divorce
  • Depression, sleeping on the floor
  • Lost and alone
  • Journaling 
  • Change 
  • Toss the journal
  • Happy Birthday - Run! 12 miles
  • Walk, cool, shower
  • Visualization, Observation, Activation! 
  • Sounds of nature
  • Visualizing
  • Watch daily
  • Act
  • LA - Mike Dooley
  • Visualize - MacBook story
  • Be Present!
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • John Denver - Senses?
  • Discoveries
  • Actions now!
  • Sensory Selling

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